REVIEW: Beta85X HD Cinewhoop

Cinewhoop, what is a cinewhoop? 

Cinewhoops (cinematic tiny whoops), it’s basically a tiny quad equipped with HD cameras or Gopro that is capable of recording HD footage. As we all know, the first 4K Tiny whoop drone is the Beta75X with Gopro Session 5 by YKS, which only weighs 20g. Inspired by his cinewhoop theory, BETAFPV made the 85x HD Cinewhoop - a ready to fly and get HD footage “tiny whoop” out of the box. You can simply capture breathtaking flight footage, record unforgettable memories during any events like a wedding or simply a walk in park. It allows you to fly at places you could never imagine on powerful 5″ racing drones.


  • Standard version weighs 58g, HD version is 75g
  • 1105 6000kv motors
  • EMAX 2″ Avan props
  • F405 processor with BetaFlightOSD
  • 16/25A BLHELI32 ESC
  • 25, 200mw VTX
  • Custom Lumenier AXii antenna

What will it be the next ?

So it makes us all to think about that what the new model will be?  At present, there are brushed whoop, brushless whoop, and even the cinewhoop. Leave your comments below to share us your idea, maybe the next new version is from your idea.

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Review of the Beta85X HD: Best CineWhoop?  -  BY TotoFPV

BetaFPV 85X HD Cinewhoop : HD Tiny Whoop - BY Flight Club


Cinewhoop: Beta85X HD Review - BY Michael Niggel

Review by Flight Club

"Should you buy the BetaFPV 85X cinewhoop?

At 75g, I’m not sure you can call the BetaFPV 85X cinewhoop a “tiny whoop”. If you are look for a tiny whoop with blistering speed, move on. The 85X HD is a porker and it feels like it. But if you are looking for a Cinewhoop, something small with prop guards that can get smooth HD footage, this may be your quad. In this case the weight is actually a plus. The extra weight helps keep the quad steady for shooting cinematic video. Even flying outside in 15mph winds the BetaFPV 85X cinewhoop was still able to get smooth shots. Imagine all the cool shots you can get with this BetaFPV 85X Cinewhoop."

Review by OscarLiang

" I have been testing this quad indoor with 3S 450mAh LiPo. Out of the box, it flies very smooth without any further tuning, and the quad is very controllable. It’s certainly more powerful than a tiny whoop even though it’s way heavier. The throttle curve and response are very different, and it takes a few flight to get used. But once you overcome that, it can pull off some very precise flying just like a whoop.

Efficiency is very impressive. I am able to get 4:00 – 4:30 minutes of flight times (indoor). If I fly a bit slower I can sometimes even get over 5 minutes.

My ultimate goal with this guy is installing R9MM receiver (868MHz) for longer range, and GPS module for rescue mode in case of failsafe. I reckon this little guy should handle 1 mile range easily."


Variant - ShutterBug 85 HD 

BETA85X Video Gallery


  • USer

    Is the 4s burning problem solved? I would like to fly this but 4s is essential for me and my gear :)

  • Andi

    I have a 85x, flying with 2S so smooth.
    Is the 85 Series dicsontinued?

    Looking for HD – 85 comes again, or is der 75 x HD the ne one?

  • Darren G

    Eagerly awaiting a Caddx Tarsier 85x with blheli32 (RPM filter on BF4.0!) and 4s!
    Ready to part with my money :D

  • Aju Jacob

    When am I getting to buy it?

  • Friedrich

    I ordered Beta85X HD, because I want do have good quality of vid recording without using a big FPV racer, where you must care for sounding and people.
    I’d like to give you some impression for me, because I like the flight stability very much and I got really fast and good support from BetaFPV team.
    I ordered shortly before 4S problems came up and therefore I canceled order again. I got money back immediately.
    After that I ordered again 2 weeks later, because there is no other product on market with this little dimensions, with this power and with build in HD vid recording. I want to have it.
    2 weeks later I got it and made first flight experiences. But unfortunately the Caddx cam was damaged and show only yellow boot screen. After reporting this to BetaFPV support (answer was always fast) they decided and offered me to send a new cam.
    It takes a few mails and I must send pictures and videos of the error, but after 2 weeks they send me a completely new originally packaged Caddx Turtle V2 cam.
    2 weeks later the cam arrived. First tests and flights were very very prosperous. I like how the 85X flies. Settings and rates are very good, I adjusted nothing.
    DVR has a quite good resolution and there is no wobbles, no vibrations in video.

    At the end I give BetaFPV 4 stars. I had to wait 8 weeks until I can fly. I had to remove the cam. But flight quality, video quality and support quality were very very good

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