Caddx Tarsier 4K Camera

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The Caddx Tarsier 4K is the stock camera used on the Beta85X 4K Whoop Drone.

Specially customized canopy for Caddx Tarsier camera. Recommend to install it with the ND8 Filter, enjoy more high quality video.

Bullet Point

  • This camera is suitable for Beta85X 4K, provides you with a visual feast with super clear video.
  • Convenient operation since it supports WIFI function and has separate OSD, you can operate on your phone by using the APP( CADDXFPV).
  • With changeable TV system NTSC / PAL and adjustable aspect ratio 16:9 / 4:3, enable you choose the effect which you like most and enjoy the view at different perspective.

    Switchable Resolution

    Resolution 4K 2.7K 1440P 1080P 720P
    Frame Rate 30fps 60fps 60 / 30fps 90/ 60/ 30fps 120fps
    Aspect Ratio 16:9 4:3 4:3 16:9 16:9


      • Item: Caddx Tarsier 4K Camera
      • Dimension: Camera:19x20mm / DVR:29x29mm(HOLE:20x20mm)
      • Weight: 19.5g
      • Color: Blue
      • FOV: 4KF 2.8, FOV 150°(16/9), FPV FOV 165°(4/3)
      • Lens: Dual lens 2.8 / 12Mega
      • Audio: DUAL DIGATIL MIC
      • Image Sensor: 12M SONY sensor
      • TV System: NTSC / PAL, can be changed
      • ISO:OFF/ 100/200/400/800/1600
      • Anti-Shake: Hardware anti-shake
      • Scene Mode: Auto / Personage / Scenery / Defog
      • Video Encode: H.264 / H.265
      • Image Rotate: Rotate 180°
      • Recording Timing Larm: OFF / 1mins / 3mins / 5mins / 10mins
      • Horizontal Resolution: 1200TVL
      • Image: 16:9 / 4: 3 (changeable)
      • WDR: Super WDR
      • Camera OSD: Seperate OSD
      • Power Input: 5-12V

      APP/More Setting

      More settings like Metering, White balance, EV compensation, IOS limit, Sharpness, Contrast, Saturation.

      For more details about the CADDX Tarsier 4K camera, please download the Tarsier Manual here.

      Caddx Tarsier LED and Button

      Tarsier camera is the first DVR boards that could support 4K@30fps recording. Here is the basic manual for you to recording when get this Beta85X 4K drone.

      There are 2 buttons on the DVR board. One is for wifi and recording. The other one for power and recording video mode.

      Short Press Long Press (5-8s)
      Wifi/Record Button Start/Stop Recording Start Wifi
      Power/Mode Button  Switch Video Resolution Turn on/off Camera

       There are 2 LEDs to indicate the recording status.

      Flashing Flash Solid
      Wifi LED Wifi is power on and not connected Connected
      Mode LED Recording Not Recording

      How to set up the Tarsier 4K camera? Please watch the video edited by Nate Payne firstly. For more details about this camera, please browse the official Caddx Tarsier page and download the Tarsier Manual here

      Video Quality and Shooting Tips

      We care about mostly is the video quality of this 4K drones. Here is some you must know about and some advice for a perfect video.

      4K@30fps VS 2.7K@60fps

      The frames per second of the Caddx Tarsier camera is 30fps on 4K mode. It is suitable to fly slowly and smoothly. But if the drone flys quickly or turns around, the scenes seems be out of focus and fuzzy. At this time, we would high recommend you to shooting in 2.7K@60fps.

      Discussion about 4K/2.7K/1080P video quality on Facebook. Do we really need 4K video for micro drone?

      Note: How to change the Tarsier mode between 4K and 2.7K?

      You should change the recording resolution through the Caddx APP. The other method is just short press Power/Mode Button, as show in the image above. The mode is indicated by the color of the Mode LED.

      Mode LED  -> Red -> 4K mode

      Mode LED -> Green -> 2.7K mode

      Jello and Vibration

      The 85X drone is tuned carefully to avoid vibration and it should be no jello on the video. BUT, but if you fly it outdoor and sunlight, a ND filter is MUST. ND8 Fliter to get a better footage and eliminate the Jello effect. ND Filter-Light reduce but no color cast.

      Why You Need ND Filters for Shooting Video (ND Filters Explained)? We find a video on YT to explain this issue. Start at 6:25. Here is the explaination:

      Filter for a lot of drone footage, and one of the things that is great about them again, is actually the Mavic (DJI aerial drone), doesn't have a controllable aperture. So your motion is always messed with...


      • 1 * Caddx Tarsier 4K Camera
      • 1 * Date Transmitter Cable
      • 1 * OSD Menu Board 
      • 1 * Pack of Cable for OSD Menu Board



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