BNF Drones

I have people asking me all the time about what to get for a first time FPV drone and these look like it would be a great out of the box option for a newbie, the Beta75 and Beta65 BNF micro drones.


Beta65 is a great alternative to the Tiny Whoop or Blade Inductrix FPV. Several improvements have been made in this product -- F3 EVO flight controller; 17500KV powerful motors; tri-blade props; upgraded durable frame; 205mAh Lipo battery.

It already had Betaflight pre-installed and pre-configured, so all you needed to do is to bind your radios and ready to fly.There are 4 options for integrated receivers: compatible Frsky D8 receiver; compatible DSM2/DSMX receiver; compatible Flysky AFHDS receiver; compatible FUTABA SFHSS receiver.

You could get 4 options of different color combinations in airframe and propellers.

Know more about Beta65 here.


The Beta75 is only cm larger than the Beta65, the biggest difference is the propulsion system. With 7x20mm motors and tri-blade 40mm props, it feels very fast, perfect for indoor racing and acro flying. The performance in outdoor is also great, handles the light breezes very well where the Tiny Whoop tend to struggle to stay level.

It has a motor to motor distance of 75mm. The width and length of the quad measure at 105mm. Compared to other micro quads with brushless motors, the price of Beta75 is really attractive, perfect for beginners and FPV racers alike.

It is an almost RTF kit that comes with almost everything you need to get flying. It is easy to setup and all you need to do is to bind your radio and configure Betaflight.


If you are looking for your first drone, look no further. The Beta75 and Beta65 are everything you could ever hope for.

Know more about Beta75 here.

Beta65 Pro

Beta65 Pro is a brushless BNF quadcopter with only 65mm wheelbase. If you want to fly with more powerful brushless whoop drones, this must be your choosing. Only 38g without battery and up to 5 minutes flight time, you could get the full fine fly it outdoor in your backyard.

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