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Have been asked by many people all the time about what to get for their first FPV drone and these would be a great out of the box option for a newbie, the Beta65S series, and Beta75 series, Beta85 micro drones.

Beta65S Lite

    The Beta65S Lite is a new version with BETAFPV Lite brushed flight controller. Powered by Silverware firmware, which support level mode and acro mode, much simple and much affordable.  It is ready to fly and the Silverware software does not require switch setting like Betaflight does.
    The Beta65S Lite built in Bayang protocol native receiver, compatible with almost radio transmitter with deviation firmware or deviation compatible transmitter module. It equipped with BETAFPV Z01 AIO 25mW vtx camera with 48 channels in total. Faster 7x16 19000KV motor and 3-blade propellers is more punch on throttle.

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As a great alternative to popular regular Tiny Whoop quadcopter,Beta65S is more punch on throttle with faster 19000KV 7x16mm motors and 3-blade propellers. It provide 3 receiver version for choice,including SPI Frsky Rx,DSMX Rx,SPI FUTABA Rx and Flysky Rx as well as equipped BETAFPV Z02 AIO vtx camera with 48 channels in total.

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Beta75 is a great alternative to present popular Tiny Whoop quadcopter, very perfect for beginners and FPV racers alike. With 7x20mm motors and tri-blade 40mm props, it feels very fast, perfect for indoor racing and acro flying. It has the same hole pattern with Tiny Whoop flight controller. Besides, it owns native Frsky receiver with PA integrated, up to 1 Kilometers long range, with RSSI telemetry.


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Compare to Beta75, the Beta75S has 2 obvious improvements:
Motors: 7x20mm -> 8x20mm brushed motors
Battery: 260mAh -> 550mAh Lipo HV battery
With 8x20mm motors and 3-blade 40mm propellers, beta75S is more punch on throttle.


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Beta85 has 85mm wheelbase must be the biggest whoop stype brushed drone in the world. More punch on throttle with 8.5x20mm 16000KV motors and 3-blade 48mm propellers.

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Beta65 Pro

Beta65 Pro is a brushless BNF quadcopter with only 65mm wheelbase. If you want to fly with more powerful brushless whoop drones, this must be your choice. Only 38g without battery and up to 5 minutes flight time, you could get the full fine fly it outdoor in your backyard.

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