Overview of BETAFPV Brushed Whoops

Have been asked by many people all the time about what should to get for their first FPV drone and brushed whoop drone would be a great out of the box option for a newbie. So what is the Brushed Whoops? When talking about brushed whoops we generally mean those tiny little FPV drones that have ducts around the propellers, like Beta65 / Beta65S, Beta75 / Beta75S, Beta85. Better in price, simplicity and light weight, very perfect for beginners and FPV racers alike. They are tons of fun to fly in the house especially on rainy days and winter.

Beta65S Beta75S  Beta85
Frame 65mm 75mm 85mm
Motors 7x16-19000KV 8x 20-16000KV 8520-15000KV
Propellers 31mm 40mm 48mm
Weight 26g 38g 43g
Novice Recommendation ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

Classic Whoop - Beta65 & Beta65S Lite & Beta65S

Beta65S Lite is a new version with BETAFPV Lite brushed flight controller. Powered by Silverware firmware, simpler and more affordable for RTF. The Silverware software does not require switch setting as what Betaflight does.

Beta65S has more punch on throttle with faster 19000KV 7x16mm motors and 3-blade propellers while comparing to Beta65 with 6x15mm motors. It has the perfect amount of power for either indoors or outdoors. It handles light wind outdoor without any problems and failsafe will save it from flying away. Easy for a newbie to be flying in no time.


Larger but Flexible Whoop - Beta75 & Beta75S

Beta75 and Beta75S is a great alternative to present popular Tiny Whoop quadcopter, they are just 10cm large than Beta65 /Beta65S, but release better speed, great lower end power for pulling out of dives, flips, loops, ect. Beta75S with 0820 motors, is such a perfect, beautiful combination. The throttle response is far superior that you can fly the Beta75S outdoors and indoors with laser-precision.


Biggest Brushed Whoop - Beta85

Beta85 has 85mm wheelbase must be the biggest whoop stype brushed drone in the world. This quad is awesome as well as more punch on throttle with 8.5x20mm 16000KV motors and 3-blade 48mm propellers. Flies great and is fast, great size for outside flying and can be flown inside as well. Beta85 is your dream quad for anyone looking to have a little larger whoop style quad, it is excellent.


New to Betaflight and never have Whoop drone
Configuration for BNF Brushed Drones
Troubleshooting - Can Not Arm