Overview of BETAFPV Brushless Whoops

Brushless whoops recently became popular in cine whoops, they are more powerful and offer longer run times. The superior power and efficiency make them the ideal choice at home flying in your backyard, park or medium sized indoor tracks.

Beta65 Pro Beta75 Pro 2 Beta75X  Beta85X HD
Motors 0603-19000KV 08028-12000KV 1103-11000KV 1105-6000KV
Battery 1S 2S 2S 2-3S(w/o Bat)

F4 1S

Brushless FC


Brushless FC

F4 Brushless FC


F4 Brushless FC


Weight 23.29g 28g 42g 74g(w/o Bat)
Fly Experience Faster Tiny Whoop Faster Tiny Whoop Smaller Mini Drone Cine Whoop

X Series - Beta65X & Beta75X & Beta85X FPV / HD

When it comes to cinewhoops, Beta85X is a topic cannot be avoided. As the newest generation of X series, Beta85X absolutely is a whoop drone of extreme who initiates a new concept of cine whoop to make the whole flying experience fun in a whoop drone. Compatible with 3S battery, BLHeli_32 16A ESC, 2" propellers and 1105 60000KV motor, you can rip it in the race, do cool freestyle and even dive a building.

Certainly, Beta75X also be loved by worldwide pilots for its excellent performance. With a big improvement in power, you could fly real acro, like a larger quad, but is still small enough, safe enough, and quiet enough to fly anywhere. Good power, smooth, stable and easy to control, everyone could fly the Beta75X drone like a racing pro.


Pro 2 Series - Beta65 Pro 2 & Beta75 Pro 2

Since we released X series whoop drones on September, 2018, mania for 2S whoop has been stirred among whoopers. Few months later, Pro 2 Series is born which undoubtedly caused a bigger sensation. Pro 2 Series is a brand-new and unique 2S Whoop Series, have a higher integrated AIO FC and lighter weight, offer much faster Tiny Whoop fly experience for pilots.

With the AIO F4 2S FC and 08028 brushless motor, Beta75 pro 2 is light enough only 28g without batteries. It flies fast and snappy, very locked in, and great yaw authority.


Pro Series - Beta65 Pro & Beta75 Pro

As the first generation Pro series whoop, the born of Beta65 Pro and Beta75 Pro bring all enthusiasts the conception of "brushless whoop". With 1S brushless FC, more efficient brushless motor, bring pilots total different frying experience from brushed tiny whoops.



Troubleshooting- Pro 2 Shuts Down and Falls Down Randomly
Troubleshooting - Motor Doesn't Spin or Spinning Reserved
Troubleshooting -- Lines appear when flying Beta85X HD whoop