7x16mm 17500KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW)

7x16mm 17500KV Brushed Motors (2CW+2CCW)


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Here is the Beta65S frame suitable for these motors.

Bullet point

  • The most powerfull 7x16mm motors with up to17500KV value, 65000RPM / 3.7V. Turn your tired whoop to beast
  • Weight is 2.9g (including cables and connector)
  • With JST 1.25mm 2P connector, pecfect for Blade Inductrix, Tiny Whoop flight controller
  • These 7x16mm motors only fit for BETAFPV Beta65S frame and Eachine E011 frame for the moment. It does not fit the regular Whoop frames


  • Size: 7x16mm
  • Width:7mm
  • Height: 16mm
  • Cable length: 60mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.8mm
  • Weight: 2.9g (including cables and connector)
  • Speed: 17500kv or 65000RPM / 3.7V
  • Connector: JST 1.25mm 2P connector

This is a 7x16mm motor, it does not fit the regular Whoop frames! Only BETAFPV Beta65S frame and Eachine E011 frame fit for these motors for the moment.

Size comparison of all brushed whoop motors from BETAFPV. 


4 * 7x16mm 17500KV motors (2CW +2CCW)

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