Beta85X HD 4S Whoop Quadcopter (Beta)

Beta85X HD 4S Whoop Quadcopter (Beta)

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Welcome to the beta tester page of 4S Beta85X(HD). The beta tester phase is over, sooner we will gather all feedback and report it. Let's stay tuned for the brand-new Beta85X 4S version.

As you may have known, the current version of Beta85X(HD) could only stand 3S battery which means the ESC may catch fire on 4S power. After 3 months of development and testing, the 4S version is ready for testing. We sincerely invite you as our beta tester.

We provide you three options to upgrade your current Beta85X to 4S version. If you have had the elder Beta85X, then you could choose the Add-on kit instead.

PNP 4S Beta85X With AIO 12A 2-4S ESC F4 FC without battery
PNP 4S Beta85X With F4 FC and BLHeli_32 16A ESC board without battery
Parts Add-on Kit F4 FC + BLHeli_32 16A ESC + 1105 5000KV motor

Know more about the 3S Beta85X(HD) drone.

Know more about the ESC failure issue on 4S.

ATTENTION when you receive the 4S Beta85X whoop or Add-on Kit:

1. Before modifying, make sure you have plugged in 4s battery firstly and connected with betaflight and BLHeliSuite32Activator to comfirm the data of FC and ESC. If everything goes well and all the datas show as the picture below, then start to assemble your kit.

2. Make suer that you assemble the FC and the ESC as the picture shown below. Before you re-plug in 4s battery, please use the multimeter to test whether it is short-circuit or not, otherwise the fc and ESC may be BURNT to damage.

Here are the improvements in different parts.


We provide 2 kinds of ESC boards for 4S power.

The first one is the AIO 12A 2-4S ESC F4 FC board. Here is our testing result:

  1. This board could hold the Beta85X(HD) drone properly.
  2. Thanks to the ALL-IN-ONE technology of ESC and FC system, it is easy to install and troubleshoot.
  3. The ESC is 12A BLHeli_S firmware.

Know more about this AIO 12A 2-4S FC board.

The second one is a stack BLHeli_32 16A ESC board. Compared with the original board, here are what we improved:

  1. Use single N-channel MosFETs on this board, witch have a lower inner resistance. It is dual MosFETs on the original BLHeli_32 ESC board.
  2. Current sensor included. 
  3. Support 2-4S Battery. 


On the stack ESC and FC system, we also improve the FC board.

  1. It could support current meter for this stack system.
  2. Increase the 5V BEC output from 2A to 3A. So it could support other camera like the Caddx Tarsier 4K.
  3. The receiver port is on UART3. Please use the UART1-RX1 port if you use the DSM receiver.

1105 Motor

A high KV motor or bad quality motor will result in the ESC burnt out. In order to support the 4S battery, we have two changes on the 1105 motors for 85X.

  1. Change the KV value from 6000KV to 5000KV
  2. Change the size of the motor cables from 30AWG to 28AWG.

Know more about this 1105 5000KV motor.


Add-on KIt

1 * F4 Brushless Flight Controller and ESC (BLHeli_32)
1 * 1105 5000KV Motor

Or Beta85X 4S Whoop PNP

1 * Beta85X(HD) 4S Whoop Quadcopter without Battery(Beta)
1 * Canopy 
1 * Beta85X Frame
4 * EMAX Avan 2'' 4-Blade Propellers Blue

How to be a Beta Tester?

Now we have a limited number of Beta85X(HD) 4S whoop drones for public testing. Please know that:

  1. You should solder your own receiver to the drone. Only PNP version is provided.
  2. You should have 4S batteries on hand. This drone come without battery. High recommend the BETAFPV 450mAh 4S battery or Tattu 450mAh 4S 75C. (We test the drones with both these 2 brand batteries).
  3. You should fly in acro mode and be aggressive enough. In another word, be professional in FPV hobby.
  4. You should stand the risk of issue which may happened on this drone. But contact us when it happened.
  5. You should leave one contact information when placing an order, so that we could contact your for a feedback. We support E-mail / FB Messenger / Skype now. We will contact you before arranging the package. So please make sure you are on line. If we could not get in touch with you, we would cancel your order and provide a full refund.
  6. For keeping better tracking on this testing, you should promise that you will fill in this questionnaire. Otherwise, we are afraid that we could not send Beta85X(HD) to you. Click here to finish the survey.
  7. In default, 20% off is provided to all beta testers. 
  8. Please be attention, the whole BETA batch of Beta85X(HD) whoop drones are 100 units which are repeatedly tested, so the one you received may have a scratch on canopy or props. In addition, we prepared 40 sets of Add-on Kit only for those pilots who has bought Beta85X before.




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