TX02 Radio Transmitter (Frsky Version)

TX02 Radio Transmitter (Frsky Version)

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Note: If you have already bought the TX02 (D8) and want to use the radio transmitter to bind to D16 receiver, you can upgrade the TX02 from D8 to D16. Click here to find more detailed instruction.

Great choice except the DYS radio transmitter for noobs. There are 2 version for choice. The white radio transmitter is for Frsky D16 protocol. The black one is for Futaba S-FHSS protocol. Both in mode 2 (left stick for throttle).

Delicate design of this TX02 radio transmitter enables the tx fits comfortably in your hands 

Basic Instruction Manual

A:  5 channel downshifting key  C: 6 channel downshifting key
B:  5 channel upshifting key  D: 6 channel upshifting key

E: power indicator  J : RF indicator
F: 5 channel position switch indicator K: 6 channel position switch indicator
G: Throttle / Rudder stick L:  Elevator / Aileron stick
H: Throttle / Rudder trim M: Elevator / Aileron trim
I:  Power switch N: Charging indicator
O: Micro USB port  

How to Bind          


This TX02 radio transmitter is easy to bind. 
You just need to press the "Rudder trim" button (H) and pull the power switch (I) to the right at the same time.

Thanks Can Canino and nigelsheffield for making these straightforward tutorial videos.


  • Frequency Range: 2403MHz - 2447MHz
  • 2.4G System: CC2500 & CC2592
  • Channel: 8
  • System: Frsky D16 Protocol (White) / Futaba S-FHSS Protocol (Black)
  • Model Type: Multi-rotor
  • Battery: 3.7V Removeable Lipo Battery
  • Weight: 240g


  • 1 * TX02 Digital Radio Transmitter



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