Full Review Videos about BETA65X and BETA75X will be posted in this blog. The reason why I use the word "Full Review Video" is that the videos posted here are detailed and informative, thus if you are looking for just flight footage of the BETAFPV 2S Drones, this blog might not be suitable for you. I'll make another blog that contains only flight footage of BETAFPV 2S whoop drones soon.

Full Review Video of BETA75X

The first review video made by our design team member Nate Payne.
Actually, the design team (Nate Payne Daniel Sugano  Brenden Guffin  Murland W. Fish.) has named themselves a pretty cool name "Team Props Out" .

Member of Team Props Out- Nate Payne has made a really detailed review video combing the introduction of all parts of BETA75X and the furious flight footage of BETA75X.


Member of Team Props Out- Brenden Guffin also made a great overview video of BETA75X. He has made a clear summary on his Youtube channel sharing with us the best feature of BETA75X.

  • Safe enough and you can fly this little monster anywhere
  • Smart Audio Function
  • Turtle Mode
And of course, this demon is so FAST.

Great FPV Pilots & Reviewer Albert Kim made an informative review video of BETA75X (XT30 Version). Albert Kim has mentioned that the camera mount and the canopy were too stiff. We have made improvement on the material of the camera mount. The material of the camera mount is changed to TPU and we also offer STL file on our support page. (All of the 2s whoop drone come with TPU camera mount) But as for the canopy, I'm sorry that it takes time for us to improve the canopy. 

Great FPV Pilots & Reviewer Nick Burns has made a review video about BETA75X (Frsky PH2.0 Version). Some of you might be torturing whether you need a PH2.0 Version or XT30 Version. Check the video out below and I hope you can get an answer for yourself.


Great FPV Pilots & Reviewer Quadcopter 101 has also made an incredible review video of BETA75X. Quadcopter 101 thinks the design of plugged motor power isn't adorable though, if you also have one BETA75X in your hands, please share with us your idea about that design by commenting below. 


 Great FPV Pilots & Reviewer NJ Tech Another fantastic review video made by Neil  Jones. In this video, besides the introduction of 75X, NJ Tech focused on the flight test of BETA75X. He pointed out that the Z02 Cam was not adorable enough and has made another flight video of BETA75X on Caddx EOS2 Cam.  Comment below to share you likes and dislikes of Z02 camera with us.


Full Review Video of BETA65X

Probably the most detailed review of BETA65X so far.

Member of Team Props Out- Daniel Sugano shared with you guys every details of BETA65X. By the way, he also gave you guys a buying guide of BETA65X and BETA75X.

Member of Team Props Out- Brenden Guffin Informative as usual. And the flight footage in the end is so FUN!!!

Thanks so much for all of your guys' review and great feedback to us.
And I hope these review videos do help you a little bit.
BTW, this blog will be updated as soon as new review videos come out.


  • Cliff

    How about additional 20 sets of 75x SE in DSMX also?

  • Ted

    19 min late on se sale?

  • Doug

    Does the 75x support LED control? The frame looks like you made a place to mount some LEDs in the back.

  • Jan Domingo

    Yes the camera on the 75x is not too bad but the caddx eos2 is better. You will need to sell a tpu mount for the caddx eos2 because it needs a special mount.

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