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Pilot's Stories

FPV is first-person view flying, but it also means way MORE to BETAFPV and community members. We have interviewed a few pilots with different backgrounds and experience in FPV, hear them out!

Cetus Series

The highly anticipated Cetus FPV Kit comes! It will be the best choice for FPV beginners to explore the FPV world and bring your family and friends into this hobby.

Cetus Pro Series

The Cetus Pro FPV Kit is finally here! It is the best ideal choice for beginners to advance currently.

Meteor Series

The meteor series including Meteor65, Meteor65 Pro, Meteor75 and Meteor85 feature light models and high-performance FPV racing.

Pavo25 Series

Only 6 screws to assemble the whoop duct and drone, convenient to build. The Pavo25 whoop quadcopter sports a reasonable design of structure assembly that is optimized to decrease complex components, making the build easy.

Pavo30 Series

Pavo30 whoop quadcopter, a new concept of 3-inch pusher drone developed by BETAFPV, is going further in performance, durability and power with brand new power system. It's powerful enough to carry SMO 4K camera or a customized Naked Camera for all FPV freestyle tricks, and also can carry a GoPro for some simple action flying.

Pavo360 Series

Pavo360, the newest generation of 360 FPV quadcopter, generated by BETAFPV, has superb performance in its recording, flying performance, stability, and design.

ExpressLRS Series

ExpressLRS is an open-source RC link for RC applications. Everyone could find this project on Github or join the discussion in Facebook Group. Know more about ExpressLRS here.