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Cinematic Whoop

Cinewhoop 4k - Micro drone with 4k Gopro by YKS.

This is the first 4K video with Beta75X and naked Gopro Session 5.

75X HD Whoop ! By titanium.

Beta75X run on 3S! By Philippe R.

HD Whoop!!! Beta75x with Caddx Turtle! 2s Brushless. By Noodle FPV.

HD Whoop Season by Flying Monkey.

BETAFPV BETA 75x Whoop HD - Caddx Turtle V2 Crane Fly. By Daniel Kaiser.

SukaFPV: Micro Hype HD BetaFPV with Caddx Turtle by rama tribudiman.

お正月 ( 鈴木裕之)

Review & Feedback

Micro Motor Warehouse's review of BETAFPV F3 Whoop FC with OSD



As I thought, quad props really shine on the Betafpv 65s! More punch, much better recovery and the motors don't get too hot!  --- By Patrick J. Clarke


Added few decals on my BETA 65 --- Erwin Bautista


HongKong FPV SPIDERS GRAND PRIX. Sponsored by BETAFPV Hobby.