ExpressLRS: The Best RC Link Ever?

ExpressLRS (ELRS) is a high-performance open source Radio Control link for RC applications. The Express team officially released its version1.0.0 on July 17, 2021, and it can be recognized as the best RC link in terms of low latency and long range. Since the project was innovated in 2019, many developers and pilots all over the world have enthusiastically participated in it, making it a reality. Its release has certainly brought more energy to this hobby.


  • Antenna diversity
  • Low-cost hardware
  • Low packet interval - 2ms (500Hz)
  • Long range - optimization of receiver sensitivity
  • Low latency, low jitter, phenomenal timing consistency
  • Receivers as small as 10mm x 10mm x0.6mm, 0.44g with antenna
  • Highly configurable RF power, packet rate, and telemetry ratios for bleeding edge speed
  • Support for both 2.4G, 900MHz and 433MHz within the same codebase
  • Works with anything that handles CRSF protocol: Betaflight, iNav, Ardupilot, Emuflight, vJoySerialFeeder, etc

ELRS average total link latency

Image via ExpressLRS Github


ELRS Technical Support

More information can be found on the ExpressLRS official website.

People, who are interested in ELRS frequently asked a question, which is how far it really goes? The answer is there is not an exact answer yet. Just join in this long range competition, and test your limit!

Although there seems to be some problems and doubts with this new RC link. The Express team will still dedicate itself to improve the link for a better and foreseeable future. Let us celebrate the new milestone of this hobby.


Getting Started - ExpressLRS

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