BETAFPV Cinewhoop Video Contest 2020


Since we launched the new cinewhoop of Naked Camera Series,  our FPV friends are thrilled for it to buy some parts to build their own cinewhoop by using our BEC board. Therefore, we are so happy to have a video contest in July. Feel free to join in BETAFPV family to create a memory with us. This is a casual contest, you can use your talents to create a video and just make sure that your video is so WOW! 


  • BETAFPV Cinewhoop Video Contest 2020

Cash Prize 

  • 1st: $500 CASH + $200 GIFT VOUCHER
  • 2nd: $300 CASH + $100 GIFT VOUCHER
  • 3rd: $100 CASH + $50 GIFT VOUCHER
  • GIFT VOUCHER is applied on only



        Contest Details

        • Videos Collection: 1st-20th, July 2020 (UTC+12)
        • Shortlist: 21st-23rd, July 2020 (UTC+12). The substandard videos, like more than 1 minute or without showing our drones, will be deselected.
        • Qualify: 24th -27th July (UTC+12). The jury will review the videos and pick the final 3 winners

            Judging Criteria

            • Production value (color grading etc) and composition/framing
            • Difficulty
            • Location
            • Creativity and Story

            Note: Each criterion should get 5 points giving a score out of 20.


            • Designated Drone: Beta85X Naked Camera / Beta 95X Naked Camera The rebuilder which is based on Beta85X/95X, like Umma 85X/95 (NO limited of the camera)
            • Showing the drone in the video is required. Using another drone will be disqualified
            • Contest Submissions should be no more than 1 minute in length
            • The flight video should be shot by your own whoop drone.
            • Your video entry should be uploaded to a YouTube account and set to “public”. The video description should include: This is my entry to the #BETAFPV2020 cinewhoop video contest
            • Entrants may upload one Contest Submission during each Entry Period.
            • Send the YouTube link of your video to and the email subject will be "BETAFPV Cinewhoop Video Contest 2020", so our team can contact you timely for the reward details
            • Deadline: Video collection will start from 1st July to 20th July (UTC+12). Submissions will be unacceptable since 21st July 2020 (UTC+12)
            • Shortlist: 21st-23rd, July 2020 (UTC+12). The substandard videos, like more than 1 minute or without showing our drones, will be deselected.
            • Qualify: 24th -27th July (UTC+12). The jury will review the videos and pick the final 3 winners
            • The winners will be announced on 30th July 2020 (UTC+12)
            • The Judges’ decision of the Winners shall be final.
            • The copyright of all entry videos will belong to BETAFPV. The displayed submissions may be edited, cut-down, modified, tagged and branded with advertising and logos of the Contest Entities
            Friendship tips: The prizes will be reduced if entries are less than 50.
            • 1st: $200 GIFT VOUCHER
            • 2nd: $100 GIFT VOUCHER
            • 3rd: $50 GIFT VOUCHER
            • GIFT VOUCHER is applied on  only

                                  Recommendation for the equipment

                                  • Drone: Beta85X/Beta95X Naked Camera
                                  • GoPro model: HERO 6/7 BLACK
                                  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
                                  • Resolution and frame rate: 2.7K-60FPS, 4K-30FPS
                                  • ReelSteadyGo for post-processing

                                  Winner Announcement

                                  The 1st  BETAFPV Cinewhoop Video Contest 2020 comes to the end. Thank you very much to join in us. We really enjoy every entry which is showing the different parts of yourself, like the unique culture, the special landscape, and some amazing crazy ideas that you show in the video. I bet everyone will feel your sincere emotion when we are watching your video.

                                  Here I wanna announce our winners to you.

                                  >>STAY TUNED ON OUR  FACEBOOK PAGE, WE WILL PREPARE A LITTLE GIFT TO EVERY PARTICIPANT. Email us back with your YOUTUBE link and your address, our team will reach out to you once the gift is ready.


                                  All Entries Video

                                  >>Participants List


                                  • Gustavo Veray

                                    Can I use the insta360go? Thanks

                                  • Utkarsh Verma

                                    Showing the drone, can it be a photo as part of the video?

                                  • Amiel DG

                                    For the 1 min entry video, are we able to use 3-4 different footage shots (compilation) from different scenarios or are you looking for just one long shot? Thanks

                                  • nedyalko petkov

                                    it would be nice if the quads that we orderede for the contest dont arrive broken. all the PLA 3D prints are comming broken

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