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The waiting is nearly over! The Best Whoop Drone in 2020 will be released on 15th August at 00:00 (UTC+12). We’re as excited as you are! With the time is near, thanks for all fans' support and love, there will be 3 activities on BETAFPV

Activity 1:  10% Off on Beta85X/95X V2 & Insta360 GO
Activity 2:  1$ to Get a Case V2 for Naked Camera
Activity 3:  Gift for BETAFPV 2020 Video Contest

10% Off on Beta85X/95X V2 & Insta360 GO

Beta95X V2 HD Digital VTXBeta95X V2 and Beta85X V2 are the first joint product series of BETAFPV and Insta360, perfect for FPV cinematic video shooting. All three drones come with 2 customized HD camera mounts, supports for Insta360 GO and Naked Camera, offering the best choices for FPV film shooting.

Activity details
  • Bundle Promotion: 10% off for the first 50 sets(1 BNF + 1 Insta360 GO)
  • Specify BNF: Beta95X V2 HD Digital VTXBeta95X V2 and Beta85X V2
  • Discount Limited: Each customer can only buy one set.
  • Activity Time: Begin on 15th August at 00:00 (UTC+12).
  • End Time: Only for the first 50 sets, then the price will be restored.
  • 👉Discount Code: No code, add the bundle to save 10%.
  • Noticed: Only for the first 50 sets(1 BNF + 1 Insta360 GO). Repeat purchases will only ship 1 set.
Friendship tips: Please pay attention to the time(15th August at 00:00 (UTC+12)), only for the first 50 sets, first come first served.
Fast Add to Charts Secret: Bundle and Save.

1$ to Get a Case V2 for Naked Camera

Case V2 for Naked Camera is upgraded with a new injection molding process and easier installation. Upgraded a better appearance design, it is more beautiful and clean. It is specially provided by Beta95X V2 HD Digital VTXBeta95X V2 and Beta85X V2it can protect your camera motherboard well in a heavy crash.

Activity details
  • Activity qualification: For all customers who once bought the Beta95X for Naked Camera, Beta85X for Naked Camera, Case for Naked Camera and Customized Naked Camera.
  • Content: 1$ to get a Case V2 for Naked Camera(Case only).
  • Activity Time: No time limitation
  • 👉Discount Code: CASEV2

Friendship tips: If you are qualified but can’t use the discount code, please email us to with your order number, our CS will check your qualification and make a discount code for you.

Note: Case V2 for Naked Camera is not compatible with the previous camera mount, highly recommended for BETAFPV new Pusher Kit. You will not only get 2 HD camera mount but also can modify your Beta85X & Beta95X to Beta85X V2, Beta95X V2 or Beta95X V2(HD Digital VTX).

Gift of BETAFPV 2020 Video Contest

Officially announce that we prepare a gift of a new injection-molded case for all participants of BETAFPV Cinewhoop Video Contest 2020

How to get the free case

  • Step 1: If you don't have the account on BETAFPV, Click here to register. If you have the account, then go on to Step 2
  • Step 2: Email us to with the YOUTUBE link of your entry and your Email address. Then our CS will active your account.
  • Add the case on your cart and use the CODE of BETA2020 , then you can get $4.99 off on your order.

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👉👉👉BETAFPV Naked Camera Series

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