Exclusive Interview: Efrem - Beta85X 4K Giveaway Winner

It is my honor to interview one of our giveraway winner. Thankful for Efrem's sharing. Made in Aug 2nd, 2019.

Q1: When did you know BETAFPV?

I originally started with a “cinematography drone” and quickly discovered I needed to learn how to fly FPV, to take my filming and flying skills to the next level. When I entered the FPV world I was immediately attracted to the small size of the whoops. My first whoops were Betafpv and I quickly fell in love with their products. As a beginner, using micro drones made me feel more comfortable to learn the hobby. The small size made it possible for me to fly often, and because of that I progressed quickly.

Q2: What is your first drone of befafpv? How do you think about it?

My first “Beta” was a beta65pro(1S). I was amazed how something that small, could fly so well. I used this whoop to fly around my house and at the park. Having something this small was exactly what I needed to begin to learn the skills of FPV. I loved the fact that replacement parts were not only readily available everywhere, but they were also modular. Making it easier to repair my drones as I learned my craft.

Q3: How do you think about the future of micro drone?

In my opinion micro drones are the future. Finding places to fly are becoming even harder now a days for pilots. With a micro drone you have the ability to fly anywhere, anytime. With the introduction of the HD micro, now there is very little limitations to not only how you can fly, but what you can film. The HD whoop in my opinion has become a “game changer” in the drone industry.

Q4: What is your expection of Betafpv?

One major thing I like about BetaFPV and the main reason I love and stand behind their products. Is the fact that they are constantly pushing the boundaries in the industry. I know of no other micro drone company that has pushed the micro drone world forward in the last couple years like BetaFPV. I am eager to see what they have in store for their customers and product lines in the future. You can be sure that I will continue to use BetaFPV products for my flying and filming needs.


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