Announcement: Solutions of the first batch of the BETA85X

We are terribly sorry for the 85X fire accident, which you may have heard of or come across it.

Please accept our sincerest apology.

To solve the problems that different customers have come across, we have listed several solutions below.
  • Replacement: For customers that have a defective ESC (smoke/fire), the proper replacement drone will be sent to you. 
  • Return: For the customers that don't want their 85X and want to return it, we offer a return service.
  • Cancellation: For the customers whose 85X hasn't been fulfilled yet and want to cancel your order, we can cancel the order for you now.
  • Life-Time Warranty: For the customers that are worried about the 85X performance ( motors burn or the potential esc failure), please don't worry about that, the 85X has a after-service warranty, if the 85X has a quality problem when you fly it, the replacement part (motors/ fc / esc, etc) will be sent to you based on the problem you come across.
  • Upgrade: For customers that have bought many 4S batteries and don't know how to deal with them, at the moment, please fly your 85X on 3S battery, we will make an upgrade on the 85X to make sure it supports 4S battery, once the update is finished, we will contact you first to enable your 85X to fly on 4S.

Please submit a ticket on our support page to state your requests, our customer service team will help you solve the problem.

And to help you solve the problem faster, please attach the order number/picture/ video in the ticket, thanks so much for your understanding in advance.


  • Katsuhiko Shimizu

    I have a BETA85X HD, is my BETA85X HD at risk of fire?
    Please tell me how to check if it is a defective product.

  • Jayson Jackson-Perez

    Hey guys, I went full throttle on a 3s battery to take off and mine caught fire. I contacted GETFPV, this is the second one I have had problems with, both seem to be from the first batch. So after reading your blog, I wanted a refund but I am happy to get a replacement if providing a warranty.

  • Nicholas Sakrekov

    I can’t find a new canopy for my 85x anywhere. Can you please tell me where I can find one. This little beast has become my new favorite fpv to fly. I work construction and don’t have the time during the week to go to the field. I can rip the 85x in the front yard and get my in the middle of the week. I don’t want to fly it without a canopy on to protect the electronics. Thank you in advance, Nicholas Sakrekov.

  • Rob Harrison

    You made it right for me! Thank you for standing behind your products, even when a design or manufacturing problem occurs with them. Even the best Quality Assurance testing will miss things sometimes. Absolutely excellent customer support.

  • Aitor Rodríguez bea

    Hayer me llegó el beta fpv 85x hd,, lo conecté a 2s y la cámara no funcionaba, cuando arme el drone todo normal a no ser el vtx y cámara, en cuanto le di gas empezo a hechar humo, con 3s queria plantar fuego, desconecté rapido, salio humo del vtx, sc, fc, como si hicieran corto, producto defectuoso, no llegue a volarlo,

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