The 2019 FAI World Drone Racing Championship Grand Final (WDRC Grand Final) has been successfully held in Ningbo, on 10th to 15th Dec, 2019. 
After the event, the new games of Meteor65 Pingpong Ball was starting. Our BETAFPV team held a thrill indoor drone game to convoy the pingpong ball. We had David Roberts to be our judge and more than 120 top pilots around the world to be our participants and audiences. All greats pilots were enthusiastic to join in the whooping racing. It was a great pity that the time was limited, so we only could invite 18 competitors in the running to be crowned Betafpv Meteor65 Racing. 
During the first heat, most of pilots convoyed the pingpong ball successfully. It was also tense while the ball droped to the groud. People yelled and felt sorry for the failure but also cheered for the winners. Here are our six winners from six groups.

Group A: 門前龍汰 from Japan
Group B: Leon Xu (许浩) from Ningbo China
Group C: Noa Koch from Sweden
Group D: Colby Curtola from USA
Group E: Isak Hollman from Sweden
Group F: Torjus Ullern from Norway

The racing came to an end, six pilots were trying to get the fastest possible times to win a place, the races were tight and challenging for everyone taking part. Colby Curtola won the chamipion with the prize of BetaFPV HX100SE Frsky FCC + C01 camera! Noa Koch and Isak Hollman were deemed to have tied for second place. Congratulation to our Top great 3 pilots! I would say this indoor racing was a spectacular with an incredible tension.
        Except the excited Meteor65 Indoor racing, we also organized a free 1S brushless drone experience activities in the dinner breaks. Minchan Kim took the lead to fly our Meteor65 before the racing, the others come to fly the drone subsequently, like BUCKLEY MAI, HARTMAN CHRISTOPHER, LALMAND LEO, CHURCHMAN JADON, LARNLUA KANPAI.
        Meteor65 was received a lot of acclaim during the experience activities - Lightest 1S brushless whoop, best indoor drone, insane flight as the 3-5in drone, fun in a larger space since it is so powerful. Definitely, that is our intention to build our Meteor65 - To be a leader in winter time. Equipped with the BT2.0 connector, lightest F4 1S FC and 0802 19500/22000KV motors, Meteor65 is with the stronger and powerful dynamical system, you’ll immediately notice how fantastic the 22.84g Meteor racer is at takeoff. 
        Some more details about our Meteor65, please click here to read the spec! Meteor75 is coming soon in January 2020!

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