Stories of Whoopers & BETAFPV in 2018

Special thanks to Richárd Papp for making this incredible video for us.

2018 is drawing to the end and it seems that there's no other better time to look on the past year and express our thankfulness to you guys. 

When we look back on the community of the micro drone in 2018, it's not hard to find that 2S Whoop Drone has become the hot topic among whoopers.
And as the pinoneer of 2S Whoop Drones, the stories of whoopers and BETAFPV in 2018 also mainly focus on the 2S Whoop Drones.

X Series Drones Born in September

Team Props Out ( Mr ShutterBugFPV SkittlesBGUFF and Murland Fish ) and BETAFPV have made many trials and tests after we decided to make a 2S whoop drone. In September 2018, X series drones finally came to light. And it has become a huge success!

Since then the mania of 2S whoop has gone viral among micro drone community.
2S Whoop Power Group was created. Love and hates were shared. Many other creative and cool 2S whoop drones were released. Passions for 2S whoop drones has been growing increasingly. And we have seen many creative and wonderful improvement made for BETAFPV's X series drones.

Improvements Made for X Series Drones by Pilots

  • Beta75X HD Conversion
  • Long Range Flight using TBS Crossfire RX
  • Wahout Tuning
  • Adjustable Camera Mount
Beta75X HD Conversion
Many pilots are not satisfied with the image quality of the Z02 on X series drones.
Pilots have put HD cameras on the X seris drones and turn them into Micro Cinewhoop.
YKS made the 4k whoop drone using BETA75X.

    Albert Kim has swapped the Z02 camera to Caddx camera, changed the 75X to HD Version.

    Long Range Flying 
    Wayne Ho Dive BETA75X+ TBS Crossfire

    Washout Tuning

    Adjustable Camera Mount
    Robert Thompson has made Z02 adjustable camera mount. You can go to Thingiverse to download the file there. He has also made a camera mount suitable EOS2. Check it out here

    Pro Series Drones Born in December

    BETAFPV always strives to move advance to make more options and high-perfomance whoop drones for the whoopers.
    Since the release of X series drones, we are not satisfied with the achievement we've made.
    Thus, we released lighter 2S whoop drones in December. With 2S AIO FC board, the Pro 2 whoop drones save much space and reduce redundant weight. They can give you much faster whoop drone flying experience.

    So the question comes: 2018 is a 2S Whoop Era for BETAFPV, what will be the next in the 2019?

    Just comment below and share with us your idea.

    Interaction betweeen whoopers and us also increased in the 2018.

    • Established in 2017, until now (Dec.29th 2018) our FB page has reached 4,351 likes and have 4,708 followers.
    • On May 21th, 2018. Our FB group BETAFPV - Micro FPV Drones and Gears was created. And now we have 2784 members. 
    • Beta65S frame has been upgraded based on the whooper's feedback and suggestions.
    • BETA75X SE was sold out within minutes. Customers bought far more than last year.

      Thanks so much for all of your guys's support and love for BETAFPV all this year.
      In 2019 we are for sure will break the limits of what we have done.


      Keep Calm & Whoop On


      • T-Rod

        Very very fun machine (have the 65x)

        Just, canopy design is … hmm and the screws are very fragile.
        Only 1 cutted wire on a motor (impossible to repair !) and a lost screw on a crash for the moment.

        Really enjoy ;)

      • Joe Aufshor

        Keep up the awesome customer support. Looking forward to more product development in 2019!

      • Corey

        Awesome stuff and quads that fly soooo well and are strong to take some hits. Love my 75X and looking forward to more flights with it in 2019. Not sure about the Crossfire version but progress is progress. Whoop on everyone and Happy New Year.

      • Arc Wolfie

        you guys have done a awesome job with the new pro series whoops i have the beta 65 X and 75 X and love them both and once we get into the new year i will be getting the 65 pro 2 and the 75 pro 2. keep up the great work and wish you guys a very happy new year and look forward to seeing where you go in 2019 :-)

      • Papp Richárd

        Thanks for keeping user feedbacks high priority! :) Quality Products, Awesome support! Way to go! Keep it up! :) Happy holidays!

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