FPV Drone Race 2019 in Hong Kong

Spider Invitation Team FPV Drone Race wraps the most exciting Sunday on March 3nd. 

Racers flew their micro drones through dolphins, lobsters and finally the shark's mouth to complete the race. And yes, this time the theme of this race is FLYING THE OCEAN WORLD.

Who Took Part in the Race?

Eight teams in total attended the intense competition.

How the Race Run

Starting from 12:00pm and ending at 18:00pm, the race was divided into three parts: Heat A, Heat B and Final Race. 50 rounds in total in Heat A and Heat B. 10 Rounds in Final Race. To be honest, it's not an easy race, which demands concentration, skills and of course the engergy.


After the intense and fierce competiton all day, the winners finally born.


First runner-up: FLYSMART

Second runner-up: TEAM POLARIS

Third runner-up: TEAM POISON

BETAFPV Whoop Speed Race

Besides the team race, we also held a special BETAFPV Whoop Speed Race.

The winner will go to Japan or Korea to attend fpv drone race.

Dada let's congrats to Manny, the fastest betafpv whoop racers in the race.

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