X Series

This is a new era for Whoop drones. A bundle of 2S Whoop drones are comming. Why we need a 2S whoop drone? Listen to what Nate said.

Before you can design any product, you have to define what it is that makes it special.
What defines this build is the fact that it has the power to fly real acro, like a larger quad, but is still small enough, safe enough, and quiet enough to fly anywhere.
I love my 6S racing build, but i can only fly it in certain places. I love the 2S micro because I can fly it in my house, or my backyard, or any park (people usually don't even notice it). But... I still have the power to do crazy stuff like power loop my entire house!

---------- By Nate Payne

Now We have made a huge of improvement for the whoop drone to support the 2S dream. Frame that natively supported 110x style motors; FC and ESC combo that fit the whoop style frame natively; Customed 2S-3S batteries balanced the weight and power...Finnally, we have a new name for this 2S whoop series. We named it  X Series . "X" is for eXtreme!


As the newest generation of X series, Beta85X absolutely is a whoop drone of extreme.

Beta85X initiates a new concept of cine whoop to make the whole flying experience fun in a whoop drone. With HD DVR camera, you can simply capture breathtaking flight footage, record unforgettable memories during any events like a wedding or simply a walk in park.

Extreme power & speed compatible with 3S battery, BLHeli_32 16A ESC, EMAX Avan 2" props and 1105 6000KV motors, Beta85X definitely gives you more power and punch, the most thrilling flying experience you've ever had in flying whoop drones. You can rip it in the race, do cool freestyle and even dive a building.


 Beta75X & Beta65X

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Review for Beta75X

Thanks for these guys who take part in the all design and development of these 2S whoop drones. They are Nate PayneBrenden GuffinDaniel Sugano and Murland W. Fish.

Thanks for the testing and tuning of Travis Schrock from NEF_Silverware and Patrick J. Clarke from Mockingbird.

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See how fast the 2S whoop drone is. Video by Daniel Sugano.

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Review for Beta65X

Speed Test about Beta65X by Daniel Sugano.

A detailed review of the Beta75X drone by Nate Payne on YT.

Another overview and flight video by  Brenden Guffin.