Instruction for Use

Beta75X HD whoop First Flight Testing by MotoEP!! How flexible and stable it is!! 

Open Box Video of 75X HD + Flying Testing both indoor and outdoor!! Thanks Gal Kremer for his great work~

Betaflight version

The default PIDs for this whoop is not compatible with the current version of Betaflight (as of this writing - Betaflight 4.03). For best performance, please flash your whoop with Betaflight 3.5.3. Instructions flashing firmware can be viewed here.  

If you want to Install 4K Camera on Beta75X HD

    How to calculate the highest current the battery could provide

    For example, 45C 300mAh 3S battery, the maximum discharge current is about 13.5A.

    45C * 300mAh = 13.5A.

    Motor matching with FC

    We DO NOT recommend the 1103 11000KV motors for 3S power because the motor may overheat or burn which will cause permanently damage on the motor or ESC. And don't use 1103 8000KV motors for 2S power, the performance will not be as good as the 1103 11000KV motors since lack of power. 


    Recommend Battery


    1103 11000KV

    2S 350mAh Battery


    1103 8000KV

    3S 300mah Battery


    How to modify frame for R-version of battery

    To modify your frame to fit the R-version of the battery, cut and remove the 3 pieces shown in the illustration below. Be careful not to cut any wires!

    A01 VTX – How to change frequency, output power, and Pit mode

    Please go to the  A01 VTX page for details.

    Prop Out & Wash Out 

    The Beta75X drone comes with "props out" in default. Why we need "props out" direction?

    Default Betaflight props direction, quadcopter dips and "washes out" in hard corners. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in hardest cornering.

    Know more about "Props Out".

    props-Beta75X HD

    So here we go, in this video we tested Beta75X HD 3S with dive, powerloop and spilt-S. NO WASHOUT at all!!


    1. Does this drone have current sensor?

    Yes, it has a real current sensor. So no need to use the virtual current meter and you could get a more accurate current value. In order to use this current sensor hardware, some configurations in Betaflight GUI are needed.

    Know more about current sensor and calibration.

    2. How to connect the receiver to the 2-4S brushless FC?

    Please don't forget to plug the battery when you try to connect the connector to the 2-4S brushless FC. Find out more details in our support page.

    3. Cli Dump for different versions of the 2S Whoop is provided on our support page.

    4. ETA of my 3S whoop drones.

    We know that you guys can't wait to get this little monster and want to know about the ETA. Check out the shipping information here.

    5. How to set up smart audio VTX control? (Multirotor Guide gives you the most straightforward explanation)