Instruction for Use

Note: If you are using EU-LBT firmware radio controller, you might find that you can't bind successfully to F4 Brushless FC. Here are the solutions we provide for you. Thanks to Sebastian Abramowski for giving us important feedback about binding to EU-LBT firmware radio controller.

Status LED

There are 3 LEDs on the bottom of the board to indicate the status, including Receiver LED ( Green), FC Status LED ( Red ) and FC Power LED ( Blue ). 




Receiver LED ( Green)


Connected or in bind mode

Receiver LED ( Green)


Not connected

Power LED ( Blue )


Power on

Status LED ( Red )


Motor Armed

SPI Frsky Receiver

Currently, the built-in Frsky receiver is compatible with Taranis, Taranis Plus, X9E, Horus X12S, XJT Modules. Pay attention, this is an SPI connection receiver. In Betaflight Configuration, it should be setted as FRSKY_D receiver (aka Frsky D8 mode) or FRSKY_X receiver (aka Frsky D16 mode) in SPI RX mode.

The Frsky D16 unstable connection issue is totally resolved since Betaflight 3.4.1. Nowadays, the default configuration from factory is Frsky D16 mode (FRSKY_X).


The binding procedure is reversed as usual. No need to click the bind button when power on.

  • Power on the board, either by connecting the battery or USB power. Then the green receiver LED start to flash.
  • The second step, click the bind button for 3s. Then the green receiver LED will be solid on. This means that the receiver is in bind mode and you could start to bind your radio transmitter.

For detail procedure of binding, please check the SPI Frsky Receiver Binding Manual.

Some pilots would complain that it is definitely not a long range FC. It loses signal with my transmitter far too often and for what appears to be no reason. This issue is often caused by the location of the antenna. You should keep the antenna away from the FC board to get a stronger signal. For example, run the signal upwards. Thanks for Harley Finberg's advice.

CLI DUMP of F4 1S Brushless FC (Frsky RX+OSD)

You can get the CLI dump of F4 1S Brushless FC here on the BETAFPV Support Freshdesk.