Cetus Series FAQ: Best RTF Kits for Beginners

BETAFPV Cetus Series has been very popular since its release in 2021 and become the primary FPV choice for new beginners. You might have some questions about these. To get you started, we’ve prepared the frequently-asked questions you’ll need to know before you fly the Cetus Series quadcopter. Let’s dive right in!

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1. How much does Cetus/Cetus Lite/Cetus Pro/Cetus X weigh?

Cetus: 35g
Cetus Lite: 36g
Cetu Pro: 46g
Cetus X: 55g
*The weight includes battery.

2. What are the main differences between Cetus and Cetus Pro?

Cetus and Cetus Lite is a brushed quadcopter. Cetus Pro is more powerful with brushless motors and 40mm props.

3. How long can Cetus Series fly?

Cetus Lite, Cetus and Cetus can fly 4-5 mins.
Cetus X can fly about 5 mins.

4. How far can Cetus Series fly?

80 meters for Cetus Lite/Cetus/Cetus Pro (wide&windless environment)
600 meters for Cetus X (wide&windless environment)

5. Are Cetus Series waterproof?

No. Please avoid bad weather when flying outdoors.

6. How many flight modes does Cetus Series quadcopter have?

Different flight modes can satisfy the needs of pilots and adapt to various flight environments. Recommend new pilots start flying from N mode.

Cetus Lite supports slow and fast speed modes.

Both Cetus and Cetus Pro support N/S/M modes and Cetus Pro is able to use turtle mode to flip over and resume flying.

Cetus X supports Angle/Horizon/Air modes and turtle mode.

7. Can I fly with FPV Goggles while wearing glasses?

No need to wear glasses unless nearsighted over 8.0 diopters.

8. How long to charge battery?

Cetus and Cetus are using BT2.0 300mAh 1S battery. About 20 mins charing time by default charger BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester V2.

Cetus Pro and Cetus X are using BT2.0 450mAh 1S battery. About 30 mins charing time by default charger BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester V2.

9. Can all Cetus Series hover? What about hovering accuracy?

Cetus Lite, Cetus, Cetus Pro, and Cetus X (Cetus FC version) support hovering function. Hovering accuracy is ±0.3m (windless environment).

10. Does Cetus Series support video record function? What's the resolution?

VR02 FPV goggles in Cetus Lite FPV, Cetus FPV, Cetus Pro FPV Kit do not support video record function. You can purchase VR03 FPV goggles, which support video record function. The resolution for VR02 and VR03 FPV goggles are 480P.

11. How often do I need to replace the propellers of Cetus Series Quad?

Before each flight, it is necessary to check the propellers for cracks, wear, warp, corrosion, and loose screws. If any of these conditions are present, the propellers should be replaced.

12. I am a bginner/new pilot. Where can I find tips about using Cetus Series FPV Kit?

The Cetus Series FPV Kit comes with a user manual. You can also find the E-manual on product page and many professional FPV influencers channels.

13. Are there any additional accessories I can buy for Cetus Series?

For longer flight time, the BT2.0 300mAh/450mAh 1S battery and 6 ports 1S battery charger fit your Cetus Series quadcopter. The propellers are highly recommended for pilots who fly frequently. The Cetus Pro and Cetus X frame are also available on store.

14. What simulators can I play with LiteRadio in Cetus Series?

All radio transmitters in Cetus Series kits support FPV simulators. Available to play FPV simulators like DRL/DCL/Uncrashed/Liftoff. More convenient for practicing and charging at the same time.

15. I am a beginner/new pilot. Before flying Cetus, what should I do to fly Cetus smoothly?

Watch Cetus Series video here. You can learn and practice flying a quadcopter through an FPV simulator before real flying.

16. What is the warranty of Cetus Series?

If a problem occurs from a defect in the product, an exchange or store credit will be issued, with a (30) day manufacturer defect warranty. BETAFPV holds the right to refuse any products which have been deemed to be damaged by the customer and not related to a manufacturer issue.

*Please click here for more information about warranty.



    The radio transmitter (LiteRadio 3) and Goggles (VR03) in Cetus X FPV Kit can be compatible with other drones. Make sure that the RX on other drones matches the radio transmitter. For example, ELRS RX should be connected to the ELRS radio transmitter. And VR03 goggles are only suitable for drones with Analog VTX.

  • Aiden

    Are the Cetus X Controller and Goggles compatible with other drones? Say if I wanted to upgrade. Would I have to buy new things?

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