Best Wish Lists for STAYHOME SALE

After an extended amount of time indoor, you must find your hobby wish lists growing longer and longer! Now it is a good time for you to decide the best parts that you should get.

BETAFPV also provides a Spring Sale discount of 10% OFF for everyone who stays home but still have a dream to practice more and fly more.

The sale week will be started from 16th April to 23th April, you can grab what you wanted for a long time in a cost-effective way!!! Except the discount of 10% OFF, we also offer these for you. 

  • Double Points
  • Further Reductions on Discount Product

    Activity Time: 16th April - 23rd April (UTC+12)
    👉Discount Code: STAYHOME

    Warm Reminder: The code is not applied on Beta95X Whoop Quad, Beta65X HD and Caddx Vista.

    Can't wait to shop now with the generous discount? Wait! There are more important things you need to know!!! 

    The Best STATHOME Drones

    Are there full of cool stuffs in your eyes? Is it hard to decide which one you should buy? Or you have decidophobia just like me? Do not worry, here are some tips for you:

    • Beta65X HD - Explore the beauty of spring for you while STAYHOME

    As the smallest and lightest drone in the world, small body has great potential. It not only possesses fast and powerful flight, but also lead you to a fairly clear image of every interesting moment with your family and your pet!

    • Meteor65 - Offer insane flight and bring you unlimited fun

    Original Price: $119.99, now only sales $107.99

      A leading 1S whoop indoor drone. It's equipped with the BT2.0 connector, lightest F4 1S FC and 0802 19500/22000KV motors. With the stronger and powerful dynamical system, you’ll immediately notice how fantastic the 22.84g Meteor racer is at takeoff. It feels amazing as you hover around indoor, then let it rip and haul around the house! 

      • Beta85 Pro2 - Provide a smoother flight experience that's easier to control at high speed
      Original Price: $99.99, now only sales $89.99

        A new approach to the 2S micro formula which optimizes weight. With a F4 2S AIO FC and 1103 11000KV motors lifting only 42g plus battery, you have plenty of power to use both indoor and outdoor spaces as a small scale acro playground. The weight savings also provide a handling advantage on the race course, allowing tighter turns and making it easier to hit gates. 

        Want to know more? Check out our store for all your shopping needs!


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        • John

          @Andrew — What an incredibly rude and indecent comment to post! You could have done much better with a simple, kind email describing your issue and they probably would have given you an even better deal. Grow up.

        • andrew

          your company sends me emails saying use the codeword “stayhome” for a 10℅ discount. I type that in and it didnt work. hahahhaha stupid chinese fucks cant even get there own promotion codes correct. are you lying about this too china.

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