450mAh 3S 75C Lipo Battery (2PCS)

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Bullet Point

    • This battery is customized for Beta85X, provide reliable power for the whoop, you can get 4 min 30 sec flight time on the Beta85X with smooth flight in a windless environment.
    • This battery is also suitable for 120-sized and 150-sized micro frame quad. But please note that it is not suitable for Beta75X /Beta75 Pro 2 frame.
    • Continuous discharge rate is up to 75C. The increased discharge rate will give you more power.
    • This battery is packed with vibration-proof & fire-proof material and our battery box ensuring you get your battery in perfect condition.


    • Item: 3S 450mAh Lipo Battery
    • Capacity: 450mAh
    • Voltage: 11.1V
    • Discharge Rate: 75C
    • Max Burst Discharge Rate:150C
    • Connector: XT30
    • Size: 61*15*18mm
    • Flighttime: 4 min 30 sec on Beta85X (smooth flight in a windless environment)
    • Weight: 40g


          2 * BETAFPV 450mAh 3S 75C Lipo Battery (XT30)


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