2019 Betafpv Thailand Cup

2019 Betafpv Thailand Cup has drawn to a successful close, Let's look back to this exciting event.

In the past few months, we have held 3 whoop drone racing events in Hongkong, Japan and Thailand. And this is the third Betafpv racing event in 2019. We are grateful that micro drone brings us together and makes us more intimate.

The two-day (12th OCT-13th OCT) event attracted many pilots who are from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei. Enhance the relationship between the company and our customers, Betafpv is working hard in various major events and will hold many similar competitions and events. 

Don't miss this wonderful event, click and review the whole game.

This time, we used the Beta75X as our designated racing drone. There are all 75mm verison- Beta75X 2SBeta75X 3SBeta75X HD.
There were many wonderful moments which you can experience the tension and excitement of this racing game. When you watch the replay of this dramatic racing game, you will not regret it !!!

Racing Rules:
- October 12: Control Practice (Each team can reserve time for practice/ 4 pilots per group) 
- October 13 : Qualifying & Race
- 4 pilots per group
- 3 laps or 5 laps depending on the venue
Round 1 & 2
- 4 pilots per group
- First 8 best pilots will be in Class A (Professional Class)
- Second Best 8 pilots will be in Class B (Amateur Class)

Winner of Betafpv Thailand Cup

I am very happy to announce the top five pilots to you. Through several rounds of the competition, the top five finally appeared, they are the best !!!

1st place: Kanpai Larnlua        2nd place: Milk FPV                   3rd place: Pekopon Pilot


4th place: Jonathan Siaw       5th place: P FPV(Savage team pilot)



The enjoyable moment of victory with everyone

In this competition, every pilots is pretty awesome. We can feel that they are thrilled only from a few photos. Betafpv is also very honored to have such an opportunity to hold events.

Congratulations to all of those pilots, hope that you will be in our next Betafpv competition.

Stay tuned on Betafpv Drone Race

This is just the beginning but not to the end. We will insist on our beginner's mind, holding betafpv drone race game is a way to bring everyone here, The perfect ending of this competition also indicates the success of the next event. We are looking forward to see more and more pilots or amateurs with us. You will meet many friends who have gathered together because they love drones and creat stories with them. We will never let you disappointed, thanks for your support.❤️


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