Dealership have established the business relationship with 252 dealers from all over the world. Click here to find an agent in your country. If you have the interest to be a BetaFPV dealer, please feel free to contact us by creating a ticket.


All defective merchandises, unless otherwise indicated, enjoy the privilege of lifetime warranty. However, it does not cover physically damaged merchandises.

To better figure out the best solution for defective parts, all replacements are required to have a RMA list. Which includes SKU, Name, Quantity and clear pictures or videos.


To better support our dealer, we BETAFPV take 100% responsibility for all defective merchandises. Both gratis return or replace are acceptable.

If you want a refund, we will refurn it at your purchase price. While if you prefer a replacement, we're willing to bear the shipping fee for your side as make up the loss.


As the leader in FPV parts and solutions, BETAFPV is specialized in providing “Turnkey” solutions that are integratable to the diversities of the Global Reverse Logistics and Remanufacturing Industries.

1. Volume OEM Supply Chain Intergration

BETAFPV maintains the experience to deliver OEM compliant production capacity that will even supply clients who order parts in high volume. We can tailor the production of carbon fiber, micro drone, whoop drone and some small parts likes motor, flight controller, ESC and battery to the exact specifications required by the client's BOM.

2. Parts Manufacturing And Assembly

BETAFPV manages experienced engineering capacities, in conjunction with competitive labor, allow us to deliver maximum value to our clients. Our manufacturing and assembly capacities enable us to make the most use of the available resources. The processes we install from beginning to end are assured to save costs for our customers without having to sacrifice quality and on-time delivery.

3. Molds And Tooling Capacity

BETAFPV has three years of experience in making molds and custom tooling for parts. We have made over 70 custom parts for micro drone, barcode scanners and other post-consumer electronics. If there are any parts you need that can no longer be found on the open market (or are too expensive), let us use our years of experience and qualified engineering team to make them for you.

4. Enterprise Solutions Case Studies

Being one of the world's leading providers of micro drone and services, BETAFPV provides Enterprise Solutions for the world's fortune drone companies and has successfully cooperated with many of them by providing our diversified business services.