Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter

Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter

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Cetus X is a primary choice for beginners who want to get advanced flight skills. The 2S power makes it stands out, giving Cetus X stronger propulsion and faster speed to perform diverse freestyle tricks. Equipped with M04 400mW VTX and C04 FPV camera that is optimized for longer radio and video transmission. Two FC versions provide different functions to pilots but all help pilots to the next level.

Cetus X RTF FPV Kit is available now! Please click here to buy.

Recommend the newest BT2.0 550mAh 1S Battery. More flight time and higher discharge rate.

    Bullet Point

    • An excellent preference for beginners to get advanced level. Cetus X brushless Quadcopter is proud of its lightning speed with rapid startup due to its stronger propulsion system.
    • Build-in ExpressLRS 2.4G receiver that is the most popular radio link, low latency, and far controlling range are possible. Pilots can not only enjoy the flight indoors but also explore the scenery outdoors.
    • The drone with Frsky receiver protocol version is also provided for customers who used to have LiteRadio 2 SE radio transmitter in Cetus Pro or Cetus RTF Kit.
    • Featuring M04 400mW VTX, C04 FPV camera (based on Caddx Nano Ant Camera or Runcam Nano 4), and 2*BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C battery for longer radio and video transmission and flight endurance, Cetus X brushless quadcopter allows beginners to gain more achievements in FPV flight.
    • The Betaflight FC comes with the most popular firmware in the FPV community. Beginners are able to learn and understand more about FPV, which is an essential way to get drone experience.
    • The Cetus FC version offers an auxiliary flight function for pilots with three speed modes. It is easier and more suitable for initial pilots.
    • Classical white design inherited from Cetus Series and made of PA12 material, Cetus X frame has an excellent impact resistance in drop & impact. The 360° protection of the whoop frame ensures safe flights both indoors and outdoors. Meanwhile, the FPV camera supports 0°-40° adjustable degrees, which provides different views for pilots.


    ExpressLRS 2.4G or Frsky D8

    Equipped with F4 1-2S 12A flight controller, Cetus X brushless quadcopter supports ELRS 2.4G or Frsky D8 RX protocol. Both RX versions support the Betaflight configurator and have great performance in maneuverability, power, and flight time. Pilots who had Cetus Pro or Cetus RTF Kit can continue to use LiteRadio 2 SE radio transmitter to fly Cetus X Frsky D8 version.

    Cetus FC or Betaflight FC

    Cetus X with the classical Cetus flight controller version is released. It supports the position hold function, which provides easier control to pilots. If select the Betaflight FC version, pilots are able to learn and understand the drone configuration. Both FC versions perform great in power and speed and have higher-grade flight modes for pilots to get advanced.

    Cetus FC Version Betaflight FC Version
    Flight Controller Cetus BL V3 Flight Controller F4 1S 12A Flight Controller
    Receiver Protocol Frsky D8 ExpressLRS 2.4G/Frsky D8
    Flight Mode N/S/M/Turtle Mode Angle/Horizon/Air/Turtle Mode
    VTX 25-350mW 25-400mW
    Position Hold Support Not Support
    Configuration Software
    BETAFPV Configurator
    Betaflight Configurator

    Note: Pilots who have LiteRadio 2 SE in Cetus or Cetus Pro FPV Kit can bind and fly the Cetus X Cetus FC version.

    Auxiliary Flight Function

    Built-in highly precise barometer to detect the height, the version with Cetus FC benefits from great stability due to its position hold mode, and auto-hovering, which enables the drone to stay at the current height. This function also ensures an emergency landing of the drone whenever loses control or is on low battery. Meanwhile, its stable flight allows you to catch the best footage with the FPV Goggles. It really does an immense amount of fun and ease of flight for all pilots. Recommend flying it with BETAFPV VR03 Goggles.

    Powered by 2S, Cetus X has loads of punch and speed, making it smoother and more suitable for outdoor practice, great for the next level. For indoor practice, the Cetus Pro with 1S power, which has the same auxiliary flight function, is easier for initial pilots to control and fly.

    Note: The position hold function is only available in N mode.

    Improved Video Transmission

    Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter comes with M04 25-400mW VTX and C04 FPV camera. The VTX features a lightweight and adjustable output power for longer distance flying. Combining this VTX and the excellent radio link ExpressLRS 2.4G/Frsky D8, pilots can fly whoop drones longer to explore more possibilities and have fun. In addition, C04 FPV camera (based on Caddx Nano Ant Camera/Runcam Nano 4) shows better quality in FPV flight compared with C02 FPV camera.

    Powerful Propulsion System

    Equipped with 1103 11000KV Brushless Motor and Gemfan 2020 4-blade props. 1103 motors are designed for 2S quadcopters with incredible power, smooth and quiet operation, and light enough. Besides, Cetus X quadcopter adopts 2020 4-blade props, which are lighter and durable enough, offering pilots a high-efficiency flight experience.

    Primary Choice for Next Level

    Cetus X Brushless Qaducopter Betaflight FC version supports configuring on Betaflight configurator. It is a primary choice for beginners who start to learn drone configuring, which helps beginners to get advanced level. With the Betaflight configurator, you can calibrate accelerometer, custom OSD content, adjust the video transmitter and etc.

    Note: Please DO NOT configure ESC or Motor settings on Betaflight configurator.

    Betaflight Flight Controller

    Cetus X brushless quadcopter is built-in F4 1S 12A FC board, supporting ELRS 2.4G, or default Frsky D8 protocol. The ELRS 2.4G version comes with betaflight 4.3.1 FC firmware so it supports ELRS V2.0. The Frsky version can be switched to the Futaba SFHSS protocol through the Betaflight configurator. The ESC on the new board powered by BB51 hardware comes with Bluejay 48k ESC firmware, allowing 1103 11000KV motors to give full play to the efficiency of power. We update the gyro to BOSH BMI270 for better performance and stability since the new F4 1-2S 12A FC.

    Cetus X (ELRS 2.4G) Cetus X (Frsky D8)
    FC Inside F4 1S 12A FC SPI ELRS 2.4G F4 1S 12A FC SPI Frsky
    BMI270 BMI270
    FC Firmware BETAFPVF411SX1280 BETAFPVF411RX
    ESC Firmware C_X_30_48_ for Bluejay BB51 hardware C_X_30_48_ for Bluejay BB51 hardware

    Click here to know more information about F4 1S 12A Flight Controller ELRS or Frsky.

    For Cetus X ELRS 2.4G version, the Betaflight firmware 4.3.0 and up start to support BMI270 gyro. For Frsky D8 version, we recommend using BETAFPVF411RX 4.2.11 firmware and CLI dump file offered by BETAFPV. 

    The default flight controller firmware enables bidirectional D-shot and is compatible with Bluejay ESC firmware. If you update the 4.3.0 and up firmware for ELRS 2.4G from the Betaflight official site, please flash the CLI dump file for Cetus X.

    Download the firmware and CLI dump file for Cetus X ELRS 2.4G or Frsky.

    The Bluejay firmware could support the BB51 hardware now. Both ELRS and Frsky boards are powered by BB51 hardware. If you want to setup the ESC specification, please use the BLHeliSuite16714902A_Beta or ESC-Configurator.

    Note: Only ELRS 2.4G version supports motor direction set through Betaflight Configurator and SPI Frsky version does not support it. BLHeli Configurator and Bluejay Configurator are invalid for the BB51 ESC (both versions).

    Recommended Parts


    • ExpressLRS 2.4G is the most popular radio link now. Know more about ExpressLRS here.
    • The frame and props are visible when the camera's angle is 0°. Adjust it to about 25°, then the frame and props are invisible when flying.
    • Click to download the CLI dump file for Cetus X (Betaflight FC version).
    • Click to download the CLI dump file for Cetus X (Cetus FC version).
    • Click to download the Manual for Cetus X (Betaflight FC version).
    • Click to download the Manual for Cetus X (Cetus FC version).
    • Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter should work with two 1S batteries. Do not recommend using different brand batteries. Highly recommend the original batteries BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery.
    • Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter is similar to Meteor85 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter (2S) in many ways. For flying maneuverability and more battery choices, Meteor85 is a good alternative choice.


    • 1 * Cetus X Brushless Quadcopter
    • 1 * BT2.0 Battery Charger and Voltage Tester
    • 2 * BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery
    • 1 * Phillips Screwdriver
    • 1 * Prop Removal Tool
    • 1 * Type-C Adapter
    • 4 * Gemfan 2020 4-Blades Props

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Andrei Sapeshka
    Best for beginners

    a strong copter is what you need for a beginner

    Fun & powerful

    Nice to be able to use Betaflight and Bluejay.
    Quite powerful, so almost impossible to fly indoors as is: to make it flyable indoors scale throttle to 50 or even 40% and set rates slow and (angle mode) angle low in Betaflight. Save different (full) rates for outdoors or larger venues.

    Flashed Bluejay – tried 96 kHz from Github but ended up using the 48 kHz hex downloadable from betafpv support page. ( https://support.betafpv.com/hc/en-us/articles/9436686257945 )
    After that, was able to set startup melody to Starwars Imperial / the drone looks like one of theirs :) / – and use bidirectional DSHOT and rpm filters. Am testing PID-tuning with less filter now. The yaw prop wash at drops may be fixable...
    Things to read before flashing Bluejay, I have a bad habit of not reading the manuals before acting and it caused a few problems at first. The minimum startup powers really need to be as high at it states on the support page. Otherwise the motors will not spin.
    Then, I got a few of my motors reversed after flash - so the drone will not lift off (runaway alert). Manually check each motor direction in Betaflight (or Bluejay) and set them correctly before testing.

    Also, testing 2 blade props next, the same as Meteor85.

    One severe point of critics so far:
    The canopy is very loose. Any small bump will turn it up. So, after a bump, you need to go and turn it back down. Need to be fixed.

    Daniel Dallaire

    Vert cool

    Gilles Garant
    Très bien

    Un superbe petit engin, très résistant. Un must have pour les débutants (et les autres 👍)

    Awesome whoop with some real punch to it!

    If you're used to flying the Cetus line, you will absolutely love this.

    You can plug it into betaflight and mess with your OSD, boost your VTX power and you're away.

    I only wish I could fit a bigger battery on it.

    Get out in the open and go beast mode. It flips and rolls beautifully with great control. This is the ultimate BnF practice drone. Bounce it off the grass when you failed that powerloop, dust it off and try again.

    Please can we get replacement frames for the Cetus X as with the original Cetus!