Overview of Whoop Flight Controllers

Flight controller (FC) is the most important part of a whoop drone. In a whoop drone, the FC board would intergrate all the electronic function of flying, like OSD, receiver and ESC etc. Here is the a overview of all flight controllers by BETAFPV. It could help you to choose the suitable FC boards that could fit your need.

Brushed F3 Series

This series use the high performance ST Microelectronics processor STM32F3. It is the mainstream in the whoop community in the all 2017. It has a nice balance between performance and price. According to the different of receiver, we have 4 kinds of F3 brushed boards in total.


The F3 (Frsky+OSD) V1.0 board is not continued. You could have the V2 board instead.

Brushed F4 Series

STM32F4 processor is 2018's trend for all the whoop flight controllers. With this higher performance processor, we could use some new function in the Betaflight firmware.



1S Brushless Series

 For 1S brushless whoop drone, we have developed a series of FC boards to meet the special requestion. The F3 series FC is not continues for 1S brushless drones. We will update all the 1S brushless FC boards to STM32F4 processor.



Lite Series

Silverware is a light firmware that just designed for whoop racing drones. BETAFPV is the first company to develop the whoop FC board that support the Silverware firmware in the world. We named it Lite Series.


Alienwhoop Series

BETAFPV has a deep collobration with the Alienwhoop team for several famours FC boards.